Pharoah's Horses

by Yung Pacemaker

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Girabaldi's 01:56
Pandemic shit yo Had to close the shop down Went back to making house calls Pack the trunk with gas brown All cash pivot fast had to move the stash Quic More crass no ash double back gymnastic Fantastic How lovely The Beamer look in the light But hit my phone I’ll also come through at night Won’t think twice We’re not the type to solicit advice I’m posted in Girbaldis parking lot my car full of nice The squad strapped up know we do this No Judas Double odd buck fuck up a couple looters Hop out the diesel truck with a couple shooters no lie The country boys and Jesus Christ on my side That’s funny ain’t it I bet everybody’s praying to the same god Same rod Hanging on the waistline as last year The only changed is the skill and the fear The same gear Like King Lear They’re filled with tragedy drear The same will to live Same Resilience Is in our blood American Diamond Brilliance Peace to my brother and sisters We row the same boat together We’re all the same color really Don’t forget cause of the weather If I have food on my table Then we will eat it together Saw my mother Columbia Draped her in eagle feathers
Saltwater 01:59
Turn the bezel on the weapon light 500 Lumen bright Pointed at the door Knock Knock Hit the floor Gore Rain pour down Thunder almighty Blood back to water The streets are still grimy Bad timing The last three months was power moves and fine dining Just the classics Like “I Miss You” and “The Shining” Not the movie The Dilla album you boobie And you should pull the mask down Nobody asking for cooties First quarter on lock when the virus hit 30 pounds in a duffel bag had to split Up to Cuda’s house Gloves in bagging it 24 hours later we moved all of it Pharaoh’s horses Leap the gate Goin’ fast as Porsche’s In some clean killshots I hopped off the porches She said I was a Taurus I said “no” my name is gorgeous You’d think I had a sunroof All we seem to make is scorchers
No Sun 01:31
The E46 lookin’ slicker than banana peels Banana clip poppin out the stick Got the can appeal Bandits real Keep a couple boxes for the cannibals Why you think we at it every weekend With the cannon drills Ridin’ pills to Jupiter Didn’t mean to lose ya bruh I just wish we could’ve Spent a weekend in the studio Never ran with Lucifer But thought of him as friend twice See evil that's behind me Here is 20/20 hindsight I might Never want the limelight I just wanna get good Shell out for a Klondike Aight Ice cream dreams Cuban Linx car stereo Summer time Sweetest little momma side of sprinkles yo That’s the wifey In my striped T Right B? Little Pricey With ya icey I see Met a couple cats lately That'd make Jahovah flood the earth The virgins say that blood is cursed The grandma’s say that vengeance hurts But all I see is Hollywood And I read’s old testament Bit shaky on the rest of it And always loved the cowboy shit Now how can I evolve when hatred live inside my heart I ask They tell me it’s not possible unless forgiveness pass I beg to disagree A quarter century Of smashed finish lines Outstanding times Exquisite rhymes I’ma out shine em all
Okay the couch Al Pacino that’s cocaine white In real life I know some Zebras never earned their stripes I know a lot of people desperate when they went and closed the borders Head on swivel they goin’ jack you for your quarters Lookout!
Larosa 00:58
Isolation Meditation No medication I’m straight Clarity This is focus No hocus pocus M&P 15-22 for poikin’ jokers They need a leader New Bald Eagle No vote for POTUS Poor guy Small fry Tuned into the news An orange Bafoon Doomed A black night looms Scarcity More goons And new baboons Chaos Creepy raiders Lurkin’ through the tomb We feel great over here. What is that about? More soul food and new tunes I went productive route They’re mortified I’m fortified But feeling for my city Got my little brother with me Say I’m hanging out the Bentley
I got a woman who fucks like a reptile In the wild Draped in the finest textiles I love your styles I love your cum face I love you the way you call your moms after I'm done Say you love me baby I know you're bluffin' I'm asking all about your cousin Sip the Stella Always buzzin' These mother fuckers don't know nothin' about nothin' Ayo This rap is like ziti I pray to god that you don’t ever see me Gettin’ greedy On the TV Shit is wild People really wanna be filed By every lizard and child Those aspirations are mild I’m tryin’ see three commas fore I nap in the pile Base it on some good favors and how wild my style Now I got some hood neighbors and I sleep with the chrome Someday I’ll save enough paper Get a yard of my own Jumpin' out the matrix everytime I see a dollar sign Visions of numbers always forming out the mind "Visions Outro" so divine in the summertime Tropical fruit Bambis Sangria wine Sippin' on Mimosas Twistin' up pine New sneaker energy Silks make us shine Lookin' like a dime Not even in my Prime I wish my enemies could see me do this all the time I'm the last of a dying breed Smokin' on ancient leaves Speedin' the Volkswagen Readin' Socrates I don't get much sleep so I got a bottle in front of me It's much better than a frontal lobotomy I don't believe in heaven I don't believe in hell I just believe in good sex, music, and eating well Don't listen to the stories you pussies try and sell Kid I live this life It ain't hard to fuckin' tell We go to Dim Sum joints with the Michelin stars Not like everyday when it’s in the cards Dinner plates Extra cake I don’t smoke cigars In case you didn’t know baby I live all my bars Just wanna love good And be with you forever Welcome to the team Name change a couple letters Put some leather on your feet Double C on your sweater God blessed your dresser go fresher uh!
Jesus Wept 02:02
Here for you baby girl Come out the rain apartments 1am in my Preme hoodie fucking flawless High taste level goin’ gesha with the garments Sun Ra shit come climb in the starship How lucky No one can touch me I’m in my prime Only more powerful Handsome all the time Soft pink drinks Stemless glass for the wine Painting pictures I Ain’t even got to rhyme But I do Praise God Praise Moms Praise both Thunder crash On my back Stutterhiem coat Rain fall down Duke dances out a speaker Gangsta walk He ain’t gotta talk No features In a sentimental mood I guess We get like that Lay to rest head on yo chest You know I like that Before I even open my eyes I feel your thighs No surprise Sweetest cherry pie My ride or die The EK purrs like a jungle cat Stuff a rat Back in his hole Or the side of a boat When Tony killed Pussy almost shed a real tear City locked down I went into 7th gear Strong like steers Damn these fears! Hustled harder this week than the last 4 years Cockroaches scramble ain’t a thing for a lion I ain’t lying’ Entrepreneurial stay defiant I love it!
Wakin’ up to the news Tell me that it ain’t true Safe here undercovers Couple beams shining through Panic Manic Maybe they want to be Haunted We Doomed. Doomed fiscally No fisker B Took an apple out the horse's mouth Turn around Wash it down Backstroke Been stoked Hit it for distractions now Good fear Been here Pass that muh’ fucker round Cough it out Dread abound I know you ain’t really down For chaos AR’s In between We duck and weave Stepped to get a bite to eat It’s quiet on the city street Gnarled on the family tree Think we built time like these Times like these Every other flea Will turn to common thieves Panic Fear Strength Power Horses of the Pharaoh Slugs out the barrel Each will teach a heathen Never see me with a tarot Horses of the Pharoah BroadHead on the arrow Hit em with the bleach The CDC gon keep it sterile
Thin Line 01:58
As Kierkegaard Said Love yourself become great in yourself But Love God become greater than all Know people do both and they dodge the same odds Heathens and the Pious same rate both did fall Will we last to the fall? Bodies dropped in the Spring Just got done with the cold Coming’ off of the wing I was feeling myself I looked great in my eyes Bouncing back in good health Week was too long a time There’s a thin line between love and hatred Life is sacred Panic inflated pages Don’t forget your neighbors As Ghostface said Peace to mankind and carry a black nine I pack mine Signs of the decline Times meant to recline Redesign shine still Obstacles Can’t make the kid not ill I mix the violet 1’s with Parra T’s and Indigo Just left the plaza with my woman hit the Jewelry store Blessings and stressing both we got em keep an even score Shit is crazy at the door That’s what the love is for
7Bs 02:25
First off Rest In Peace Joan of Arc Baby She kinda look like my day one lady At least she got canonized out of it They love you till they kill you ain’t that a bitch The whip 2012 but I keep her clean The rims 13” but I keep 'em clean! You know a guy need a lot of truck space Raw from Ecuador and a jazz bass Never gave a fiend a dollar I don’t know if that’s good or not All I know is I ain’t never payed for a booger rock I’m a nice guy don’t know if you heard or not You can get served then we rock to the taco spot Pickled radish Pickled carrot Fried Bananas Cold Topo Chico With the lime Little slammers Babygirl Smile big for the camera You the truth I choose you Chicago Gangsters I like my home yea it’s mine It’s where I like to be all the time I put the studio right next to the armory I got the 7B and I got the .223s Try to give the branch with the olive leaves But try to break in turn to Swiss cheese Put Chiquita stickers on a couple P-Mags Everyone knows who I am no Ski Mask I like my home yea it’s mine It’s where I like to be all the time I put the studio right next to the armory I got the 7B and I got the .223s Try to give the branch with the olive leaves But try to break in turn to Swiss cheese Put Chiquita stickers on a couple P-Mags 06226 know where I be at
I have to go away for a little while A little time before I Can see you smile Trees are turning green And I know It might be a while How do you a tell a young man to slow it down some Specially if you’re of town for the last one Damn it’s only good memos when the times done Know we could have done better but we had fun I still got the verse you sent out here for Cedes Truck Wish we could have done the album now We’re leveled up Every spare second making stuff Now that’s what’s up Hairdressers in the studio Just got a cut A little more time before I can see you smile again/ Trees are turning green It might be a while since I see you next No Sun sets when you put it on your chest Hit me the other day I almost sent a text I can’t delete your number Can’t delete the stress Young Kings rest in power Mothers with the flowers Grateful for the rain With every spring shower


love each other.


released May 18, 2020

All songs written, recorded & performed by Nicholas Bentley

Frank Feels and Kathleen Bentley appear courtesy of themselves

Holmes appears courtesy of Acid Hound recordings

Mixing & Mastering by Matthew Scatchell

Art Direction & Design by Nicholas Bentley

Photography by Cody Oliver


all rights reserved



Yung Pacemaker Hartford, Connecticut



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