how big ya dick is​?​? (Moonhater Version)

by Yung Pacemaker

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Face beamin’ from the meal we had/
Sippin’ Kochere out a Rosé glass/
In the Y-3’s runnin’ at this cash/
Never been rich but it’s comin’ fast/
They wanted rap but I gave em’ thrash/
Made em’ pit spill sour mash/
Eff a seatbelt I embrace the crash/
Gonna live forever let me hit the dash/

Call me Yung arugula I'm bitter for the greeeeeennnnnn/
Talkin' bout the money you're pathetic with the weed/
You're pathetic with the lean/
You're pathetic with the Xans/
You're synthetic with your friends/
You’re not even making ends/
Pack a lot of flavor in a couple bars/
Goin’ small plates on em/
Goin’ small plates on em/
You know I only like the sauces with the big taste on em/
I only like the watches with small face on em/
I only like the boxers with the small waist on em/
This skinny ass dude’s got some distaste for em all

(Stone cold, stone cold)

Fire in the sheets/
Fire in the streets/
Call the police/
Pick up the heat/
Star on the knees/
Free as the breeze/
Fly as a bird/
Free of disease/
Eff what you heard/
I fill my needs/
All I got was B’s/
All I got was C’s/
All I got was D’s/
Buzzed is for bees/
I let em freeze/


released September 2, 2016
Lyrics by Nicholas Bentley

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Matt Scatchell



all rights reserved


Yung Pacemaker Hartford, Connecticut



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